LIVE: Gfinity Season 2 Finals Day 1

LIVE: Insomnia 55 – Day 1

Gfinity Season 2 Finals Schedule

The second season of the Gfinity Pro League concludes with the final three games for each team this weekend. With Millenium and Infused vying for first place, Epsilon looking to make up for an underwhelming start online, and the lower teams battling to stay in the league, these final matches will be crucial for all involved.

Vitality, Epsilon, Millenium and Infused will go head to head on day one, in games that promise to be both exciting and pivotal to the final standings. Here’s a look at today’s schedule, and all the action can be caught on


North America Latest – RosterMania 28th August

With UMG Washington DC coming up fast, we are seeing a lot of team changes from the North American teams outside of the Pro League as they attempt to get the best possible line up for the 144 team event held out of the capital of the US of A.

Update 28th August

U4X U4X Announce DC Roster

After it didn’t work out with 3Sup, the new duo of Pacman and Goonjar went on the hunt for a new organisation. They have now joined Euphoric eSports, or U4X eSports as they seem to now be known as. The U4X roster will also include Ivy and Cells. They will be competing at UMG DC in just under two weeks time.

us Pacman
ca Goonjar
us Cells
us Ivy

Update 26th August

3Sup Small3Sup Drop Pacman and Goonjar

A new logo and a couple of seasoned Pro’s still couldn’t bring any luck to organisation 3Sup at the weekend as they were knocked out of MES Detroit in 17th to 24th position, despite having the number 7 seed. The outcome has been Pacman and Goonjar leaving the team, although it’s currently unclear whether that is because they were pushed or left. The hunt for a stable 3Sup roster continues.

us Califa
us Strife
us Miyagi

Update 19th August

Tcm Moose Leaves TCM Gaming

After playing with TCM for around 2 years, and being part of the big plan to move to the US, it has been announced that Moose has left TCM Gaming. He posted a Twitlonger detailing that due to having a bit of a stressful time in the team, that he would be leaving and flying back to the UK to compete in Europe again. Reports that the American duo of Aches and Teep not getting on well with Moose could have well been a factor in his decision to finally leave.

us Aches
us Teep
uk Jurd

Update 17th August

 XGN Welcome 2

With MES Detroit fast approaching, XGN Competitive needed to find two new players after their team of 3 became 2 as FeaRs reportedly joined TCM in replacement for Moose. Joining Phizzurp and Lacefield is former world champ, Killa, along with Nelson. They will be playing at MES Detroit’s 25k tournament coming up this weekend.

us Phizzurp
us Lacefield
us Killa
us Nelson

Update 14th August

dreamteamWatson Joins Dream Team

You’re not reading that incorrectly, British player Watson has joined the North American squad of Dream Team. As one of the fringe Pro teams in the States, Watson has joined Anticity, Sender and Diabolic in a team house in Florida and will be participating in events including MES, DC and MLG Worlds. We interviewed Watson before he left, click here to read that.

us Sender
us Diabolic
us Anticity
uk Watson

Update 10th August

Juslogo std.pngJusTus Launch New Team

After their team failed to get back into the MLG Pro League after being relegated, Team JusTus and owner ‘Big Snacks’ have been on the lookout for a new roster that fits their criteria. That wait is over for JusTus fans as they announce Assualt, Spacely, Study and Kenny will be representing the team in just under 3 weeks at UMG DC.

us Assault
us Spacely
us Study
us Kenny

3Sup Logo3Sup Recruit 2

They have changed the organisation logo but unfortunately don’t have a PNG of it yet, but 3Sup have also been busy in the transfer market ahead of UMG DC coming up in three weeks time. The notorious Pacman joins with former TK member Goonjar as they join Califa and Miyagi.

us Califa
us Miyagi
us Pacman
ca Goonjar

Update 6th August

E6logo std.pngE6 Find Remaining 2

After losing Parasite to a Pro League team, Proofy and General have been on the lookout for 2 players for a number of weeks. They believe they have found the solution in veteran players Felony and John. They will both represent the E6 brand at UMG DC coming up in a couple of weeks time.

us General
us Proofy
us Felony
us John

Update 5th August

epsilonminiParasite Join Epsilon NA

After British player Swanny left the Epsilon NA team yesterday (read update below), it didn’t take long for the squad to find a new fourth. That player is former World Champion and one of the longest standing veterans in the Call of Duty scene, Parasite. After being dropped from the TK line up and then placing poorly with Enigma6 at UMG Dallas, Parasite has vowed that he’s out to make a difference with a league team. Time will tell if this happens.

epsilonminiEpsilon NA

us Remy
us Nagafen
us Royalty
us Parasite

Update 4th August

epsilonminiSwanny Steps Down from Epsilon NA

After competing with the Epsilon North America squad for a number of months, British player ‘Swanny’ has made the decision to remain in the UK after working as an analyst during the Gfinity Summer Championship. Although there has not been a lot of details released by the player, he’s called it a necessary short term sacrifice in order to keep competing, which roughly translates as US Visa issues. We’ll keep you updated on who Epsilon bring in to fill Swanny’s space for the Pro League.

epsilonminiEpsilon NA

us Remy
us Nagafen
us Royalty

Update 21st July

Rise Nation 200x200orbit1 Rise and Orbit involved in Trade

Yesterday Rise and Orbit announced a two team trade that saw Burnsoff going one way in exchange for TcM going the other. Both players will link up with their new teams for the remainder of the MLG Pro League season, while Burnsoff will join Rise Nation for their Gfinity Summer Championship campaign in just over a weeks time.

Rise Nation 200x200 Rise Nation: us Chino us Whea7s us Apathy us Burnsoff

orbit1 Orbit: us Accuracy us Faccento us Happy us TcM

Update 19th July

dreamteamDream Team add Anticity

Pacman has been officially released from the dT roster, with Anticity linking up with the team to complete the line up.

dreamteam Dream Team: us Sender us Ivyy us Diabolic us Anticity

Update 15th July

  Rise Nation 200x200elevate_200x200 eLevate and Rise Announce Permanent Team Change

Aside from the change below to do with the Gfinity $100,000 Summer Championship, eLevate have also announced a permanent change in the team as former player Teej is brought back in replacement for Apathy who has been dropped from the team. The former Prophecy player has done the opposite and joined Rise in a straight trade.

elevate_200x200 Team eLevate   us Classic us Slacked us Saints us Teej

Rise Nation 200x200 Rise Nation   us Whea7s us Chino us TcM us Apathy

  elevate_200x200 eLevate Announce Gfinity Summer Championship Roster

Please note – This change will only be in effect for the Gfinity Summer Championship at the end of this month in London. Due to age issues with ‘Teej’ and passport problems with ‘Saints’, eLevate have been forced to find 2 players to join ‘Classic’ and ‘Slacked’ for their trip to London at the end of this month to compete in the Gfinity Summer Championship for over $100,000. Stepping up will be Denial players ‘Slasher’ and ‘Replays’ whose team face similar issues attending European events due to ‘Huke’ and ‘Temp’ not making the age cut. Tweet announcement HERE.

elevate_200x200 eLevate Gfinity Summer Championship Roster   us Slacked us Classic us Replays us Slasher

  3Sup LogoMiyagi Joins 3sUP

The 3sUP organisation, owned by everyone’s favourite millionaire, ‘Hilton’, have announced that they will be picking up former SYNGRY Gaming and Rise Nation player ‘Miyagi’. A player who has always tip toed around the edges of the elite, he joins long time 3sUP members Califa and Strife. You can see the announcement by Miyagi on Twitter HERE.

3Sup Logo3sUP Enterprises   us Califa us Strife us Miyagi CAUS ?

Update 14th July

  e62Enigma6 Lose Parasite and MRuiz

After a poor performance at UMG Dallas at the weekend where they placed 13th-16th, ‘Parasite’ has announced he will be leaving the E6 squad in order to pickup for iSolation Empire in the MLG Pro League. It was also announced that MRuiz was to be dropped also, leaving ‘General’ and ‘Proofy’ looking for 2. Whilst the split seems amicable with Parasite, General did have this to say on Twitter, LINK.

e62Enigma6   us General us Proofy CAUS ? CAUS ?

Update 7th July

xgm1XGN Announce UMG Dallas lineup   Despite not having a season 3 spot, the XGN organisation were still able to attract some big names for UMG Dallas as we see a formidable team formed in Goonjar, Killa, Spacely and Studyy. They will be competing this weekend for the $40,000 prize pool on offer as UMG hits Texas once again.

us Killa us Spacely us Study ca Goonjar

Update 6th July

Rise Nation 200x200 Rise Drop Goonjar   It appears Goonjar joining the Rise Nation team, after being dropped by TK, was very much a temporary move in order to make sure they had enough players in time for the roster deadline last week. It was announced on Twitter last night that the organisation would be picking up former JusTus member TcM. Canadian Goonjar now tweeting that he’s a F/A

us Whea7s us Chino us Teej us Goonjar

Update 3rd July

e62Enigma6 get Proofy   Another veteran joins the ranks of Enigma6 as Proofy links up with Parasite as part of the new look E6 line up. Can the introduction of two of the most notable faces in Call of Duty bring success to an E6 lineup that has struggled since UMG Cali?

us General us Ruuiz us Parasite us Proofy

Update 29th June

Tcm TCM Gaming Recruit who?   Basically, Aches and Teep have joined Jurd and Moose. A sentence we never thought we’d write. See the full news announcement HERE.   Tcm TCM Gaming   uk Jurd uk Moose us Aches us Teepee   Rise Nation 200x200Rise Nation pickup TK Rejects   After being dropped by Team Kaliber, Goonjar and Teej have found a new home in Rise Nation, a complete swap as former Rise players Theory and Nelso joined TK. Sounds confusing but it’s not.   Rise Nation 200x200 Rise Nation   us Whea7s us Chino us Teej ca Goonjar   tKSmall Team Kaliber Pickup Neslo and Theory   It has been announced that Team Kaliber have dropped new signing Teej and long time player Goonjar and picked up Rise players Theory and Neslo. tKSmall Team Kaliber us Nameless us Sharp us Theory us Nelso

Update 25th June

nvSmall EnVyUs Overhaul Line Up It’s been announced today that EnVyUs have overhauled their entire team, putting trust in the last remaining member of the current team, Loony. Proofy will now join a long list of F/A’s vying for a spot in the MLG Season 3 Pro League. Joining Loony will be World Champion and former Denial player JKap, whilst former Prophecy players Aqua and Octane make up the remaining numbers. Can they turn their fortune around? nvSmall Team EnVyUS; us Loony us JKap us Octane us Aqua elevate_200x200 eLevate Recruit Two   With a Season 3 spot in the league, it was only a matter of time before two of the many free agents joined the eLevate team along with Slacked and Classic. Those two players turn out to be former EnVyUs member Saints and former Prophecy player Apathy. Both have had mixed seasons with little to celebrate, and will be looking to overhaul their fortunes with this move in time for UMG Dallas.   elevate_200x200 Team eLevate   us Classic us Slacked us Apathy us Saints Aches Leaves Prophecy The organisation is officially done having a North American team for the moment as Aches leaves the squad and becomes a F/A as a duo with TeePee. Who will snatch up two of the most decorated Call of Duty Pro’s?   –   dreamteamNew Dream Team Roster   They have disbanded Purple and Blue and gone with one new roster consisting of some seasoned Call of Duty Pros.   dreamteamDream Team   us Pacman us Sender us Diabolic  Ivy

Update 21.06.2015:

Prophecy looking for Three Prophecy make wholesale changes as AquA, Apathy and Octane announce their departure. Prophecy Lineup:

      • USA.png Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price
    • CAUS ?
    • CAUS ?
    • CAUS ?

Strictly Business back to the drawing board StuDyy, Anticity, SpaceLy and TcM leave Strictly Business. Strictly Business Lineup:

      • CAUS ?
    • CAUS ?
    • CAUS ?
    • CAUS ?

MerK is a Free Agent MerK announces Free Agency leaving Automatic Reload looking for one. Automatic Reload Lineup:

      • USA.png Mikhail ‘Blfire’ Glushenok
    • USA.png Tyler ‘FeLonY’ Johnson
    • USA.png Ryan ‘Lawless’ Lawless
    • CAUS ?

MadCat Dropped In surprise news, TCM Gaming part ways with MadCat. More details about MadCat’s departure will be announced shortly. TCM Gaming Lineup:

      •  Tom ‘Moose’ Handley
    •  Shane ‘ShAnE’ McKerral
    •  Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley
    • TBA

 New Engima 6 Team Announced After Enigma6 failed to secure a place in season 3, the team look to the long term. Relegation replacements Holler and Proto are replaced by Aqua and Parasite.  Enigma6 Lineup:

      • USA.png Jordon ‘General’ Holloway
    • USA.png Michael ‘MRuiz’ Ruiz
    • USA.png Ulysses ‘Aqua’ Silva
    • USA.png Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte

Update 19.06.2015

 Enigma6 announce Season 2 Relegation Tournament Team Enigma6 pick up Holler and Proto ahead of the MLG Pro League Season 2 Relegation tournament in Columbus, Ohio.  Enigma6 Lineup:

      • USA.png Jordon ‘General’ Holloway
    • USA.png Michael ‘MRuiz’ Ruiz
    •  Holler
    • USA.png Proto

TK.pngNew Team Kaliber Team Unveiled

Team Kaliber complete their roster, picking up Teej.

TK.png Team Kaliber Lineup:

  • USA Brandon ‘Sharp’ Rogers
  • Canada Jevon ‘Goonjar’ Gooljar-Lim
  • USA Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler
  • USA Thomas ‘Teej’ Haly

Update 17.06.2015

Deniallogo std.pngDenial Rebuild Around Replays

After a very brief period without a team, Denial elect to rebuild their roster around world champion, Replays. Replays is joined by former eLevate and FaZe stars Huke, Slasher and Temp.

Deniallogo std.pngDenial eSports Lineup:

  • USA Chris ‘Replays’ Crowder
  • USA Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland
  • USA Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda
  • USA Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat

eLevate Big Changes

Team eLevate announce they’ve dropped 50% of their roster as Teej and Temp go their own way.

ELv.png Team eLevate Lineup:

  • USA Nicholas ‘Classic’ DiCostanzo
  • USA Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry
  • TBA
  • TBA

Clayster and Attach to FaZe

With the news of JKap and Replays leaving Denial, surprisingly Clayster and Attach follow suit linking up with Enable and Zooma as part of a new look FaZe team.

The news follows the news that Huke and Slasher would be released from FaZe following uncertainty about their future commitment to the line up.

Faze.png FaZe Lineup:

  • USA Ian ‘enable’ Wyatt
  • USA Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto
  • USA Dillon ‘Attach’ Price
  • USA James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks

Update 10.06.2015

Parasite Released from Team Kaliber

Parasite rejoins the Free Agency list ahead of the next season of the MLG Pro Series.

TK.png Team Kaliber Lineup:

  • USA Brandon ‘Sharp’ Rogers
  • Canada Jevon ‘Goonjar’ Gooljar-Lim
  • USA Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler
  • TBA

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Gfinity Announce S2 Finals Talent

I’m not sure how I feel about labelling the commentators and analysts talent, but Gfinity have so we’re going with it. This weekend is the Season 2 finals of the Gfinity EU Pro League for Season 2 and today the London based organisation have announced who will be hosting, casting and doing analysis. We take a quick look below at who’s who as there may be some unfamiliar faces.

casters Gfin

Richard Lewis will be hosting the event, the first time for the well known PC journalist and regular host of Gfinity and Dreamhack CSGO events. He was originally down to do the Season 1 opener but was unable due to illness. Joining him on the desk for analysis is Chris Trout, normally seen behind the scenes at Gfinity. After impressing audiences with his CoD knowledge during the Wednesday online games, he’s making the move to the big time as he does his first set of CoD event presenting.

The casting desk will be a more familiar set of talent as we see regulars of Rel and Bricey back at the Gfinity Arena. Someone finally rescued Tunny from under his girlfriend’s thumb as he’s back in the action alongside one of the newer emerging casting talents in IHNK. Finally the pretend American politician Courage is making the trip over from the US as the only North American in attendance this weekend.

Dexerto will be in attendance this weekend at the Gfinity Arena bringing you our regular coverage. See the fixture list below so you don’t miss any of the games to decide season 2 of the league.

Saturday 30th Weekend Fixtures

Time Home Team vs Away Team
12:00 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm Logo millenium Millenium.COD
14:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team  epsilon Epsilon.EU
16:00 Infused1-300x300 Team Infused  VwS Gaming
18:00  IGI IGI eSports  300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
20:00 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm epsilon Epsilon.EU
22:00  Infused1-300x300 Team Infused  Logo millenium Millenium.COD

Sunday 31st Weekend Fixtures

Time (UK) Home Team vs Away Team
12:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
14:00 IGI IGI eSports  VwS Gaming
16:00 Infused1-300x300 Team Infused Vitality logo Vitality.Storm
18:00  epsilon Epsilon.EU 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
20:00 Logo millenium Millenium.COD IGI IGI eSports
22:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team  VwS Gaming


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ACL and ESL Partnership Announced

ESL, the Electronic Sports League, are one of the largest eSport companies in the world and one that has been growing year after year with the success in both console and PC markets, specifically in Europe but with a presence worldwide. Today they have announced that they will be entering into a partnership with Australian company the Australian Cyber League, also known as ACL



Running various events down in Australia across all eSports platforms, ACL have become known as the number 1 event organiser for the region and this partnership looks set to make them stronger. The news article doesn’t go into too much detail about what will be involved and whether it’ll involve a complete rebranding of ACL or whether they will just work together on projects. We attempted to reach out to CEO of ACL, Nick Vanzetti, for comment, but were directed towards the official press announcement.

Check out the ACL and ESL partnership statements below.

Full press release from Turtle Entertainment (owners of ESL) – LINK

Sebastian Weishaar, Senior Vice President International Business at ESL

“We’re a truly global company that saw a successful expansion into North America last year, having previously established ourselves in Europe and Asia. Today, we’re happy to announce that we will now also be focusing on the Oceanic region.

We consistently see Oceanic teams compete in major competitions, such as Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One, against teams from more established regions. With our new partnership, we’re committed to giving the Oceanic region a fairer shot at major international competition by giving them more opportunities to compete at a higher level within their own countries.”

Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director at ACL

“We have long been looking up to ESL as the global leader in the space, producing some of world’s best esports events. It makes great sense to partner with ESL. This partnership will allow us to level up the current esports offering and truly put our region on the map. There are some exciting projects already in development which we look forward to sharing with the passionate fans of our growing scene.”


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Black Ops 3 BETA – Open to all 28th August

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the Black Ops 3 Beta, but you’ve so far failed to get your hands on one of the elusive Beta keys, the wait is nearly over. Tomorrow the Black Ops 3 Beta (Friday August 28t) will be released to all on both Xbox and PC at 4pm Pacific Time (World times shown below). A similar system has been in place as the Playstation Beta that took place last week although expect potentially long waits to get access to the servers.


Global time release for open Black Ops 3 Beta:

Friday 4pm Pacific Time/LA

Friday 7pm Eastern Time/New York

Friday 8pm – Sao Paulo

Satuday 12am UK/London

Saturday 1am Europe/Africa – Paris, Berlin, Madrid, South Africa

Saturday 7am Beijing

Saturday 9am Sydney

Saturday 11am Auckland


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Gfinity Pro League – Wed 26th Results

It’s the last week of the Gfinity Pro League in Europe as this short Season 2 draws to a close with still everything to play for. Wednesday the 26th’s games were the last online games to be played as the teams prepare to fight it out at the Gfinity Arena this weekend in Fulham, London, to play their remaining two games. Check out the results from Wednesday’s games below, along with the current standings and fixtures for this weekend.

Wednesday 26th Results

Time (UK) Home Team vs Away Team
20:00 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm  5 – 1 HyperGames HyperGames Team
20:00 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming  3 – 3 Infused1-300x300 Team Infused
20:00 IGI IGI eSports  0 – 6  epsilon Epsilon.EU
20:00  VwS Gaming  1 – 5 Logo millenium Millenium.COD

Current Standing

Position Team Wins Draws Losses Maps (+) Maps (-) +/- Points
1st  Logo millenium Millenium.COD 3 1 0 19 5 14 10
2nd Infused1-300x300 Team Infused 3 1 0 17 7 10 10
3rd Vitality logo Vitality.Storm 3 0 1 16 7 9 9
4th  VwS Gaming 2 0 2 10 8 2 8
5th  epsilon Epsilon 1 1 2 13 11 2 4
6th 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming 1 1 2 10 4 -4 4
7th HyperGamesHyperGames 1 0 3 9 15 -6 3
8th IGI IGI eSports 0 0 4 0 24 -24 0

Saturday 30th Weekend Fixtures (At the Gfinity Arena, London)

Time Home Team vs Away Team
12:00 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm Logo millenium Millenium.COD
14:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team  epsilon Epsilon.EU
16:00 Infused1-300x300 Team Infused  VwS Gaming
18:00  IGI IGI eSports  300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
20:00 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm epsilon Epsilon.EU
22:00  Infused1-300x300 Team Infused  Logo millenium Millenium.COD

Sunday 31st Weekend Fixtures (At the Gfinity Arena, London)

Time (UK) Home Team vs Away Team
12:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
14:00 IGI IGI eSports  VwS Gaming
16:00 Infused1-300x300 Team Infused Vitality logo Vitality.Storm
18:00  epsilon Epsilon.EU 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
20:00 Logo millenium Millenium.COD IGI IGI eSports
22:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team  VwS Gaming

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Win Xbox BO3 BETA Code!

Today has marked the launch of the Xbox One and PC BETA for Black Ops 3. After being on the Playstation 4 for the last week, gamers who haven’t switched consoles have managed to get their hands on it. Currently we are hearing that the servers could be slightly patchy, however that is expected to be fixed shortly with a patch. The BETA is running until Sunday 30th (of August) and you can get yourself a code by following the instructions below!


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EGL Open Announced

The European Gaming League, or EGL, as they’re more commonly known, have had some tough luck recently when their shared adventure with CITYLAN was cancelled. Although it was no fault of their own, as the event organisers cancelled the entire Peterborough event just two weeks before it was scheduled to take place, EGL have not wasted any time in getting back on the horse and announcing a new event, the EGL Open.

EGL Open

Of course when times are tough, where better to schedule your next event for guaranteed teams than the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool? The spiritual home of British Call of Duty may not have the best Tripadvisor reviews but it is consistent in bringing in large numbers of young avid gamers who are willing to compete. This was proven at AM2Pro only a few months ago when over 70 teams turned out, a European record for AW.


The tournament will take place on the 23rd and 24th of October at the Norbreck castle in Blackpool with tournaments for both PS4 and Xbox One. This is likely to be the last European event before the release of Black Ops 3 only weeks later. Will you be in attendance? Let us know by Tweeting us @Dexerto.

Information found on the EGL website – LINK

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