Team Skyfire Announce Australian CoD Team

One of the most sustainable business model’s when it comes to owning a professional eSports team is generally when an equipment company names a team after themselves. It means the business doesn’t need to rely on good tournament wins to survive because it’s their main business of selling is going on. A new team has been launched in Australia on the very back of this, Team Skyfire.


The team will be made up of 4 Australian’s, headed up by Kyle ‘Vilesyder’ Colyer, one of the tallest men in Call of duty eSports and previous captain of Integral Nation. His team didn’t do too well at Call of Duty championships, not winning a game and getting dropped out of the group. His new team features former Avant Garde player’s Benno and Dean along with former Trident player Azzi. They’re the latest team to attempt to challenge the Mindfreak crown and we’ll see the team in action at their first event at ACL Brisbane at the end of May.

skyfireTeam Skyfire

aus Vilesyder aus Azzi aus Benno aus Dean

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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

ESWC Qualified Call of Duty Team Roundup

The (ESWC) Electronic Sports World Cup will be held in Zenith, Paris, starting this coming Saturday. We wanted to give you a quick recap of what teams will be attending, their likely rosters and how they made it into the exclusive 8 spots that will fight it out for $50,000 in prize money, plus a little information about the event to get you prepared for it both spectating online and in person. You can check out the full groups HERE.



Event Information

Date: Saturday 2nd May to Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Location: Zenith, Paris

Teams: 8 (Invite only)

Prize Money: $50,000

Tournament Format: Groups, top 2 advance, single elimination bracket

Official website:


Group A Teams

denial esports

Denial eSports

us Clayster us JKap us Replays us Attach

The official Call of Duty:AW World Champions. A huge title and one that has solidified this team as the ones to beat in any tournament going forward. Headed up by the formidable Clayster, the team was invited to attend ESWC after their impressive performance on the world stage that included knocking out their old foes OpTic Gaming. The rematch at ESWC against OpTic in the group stage is mouthwatering.


Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming

us Crimsix us Scump us Formal us Enable

They’re the biggest Call of Duty brand in the world when it comes to competitive gaming and they have the roster to back it up. They originally qualified for the event after ESWC put a Twitter poll out to decide who the favourite US team would be to attend, shock of all shocks OpTic won by a convincing margin. Clever tactics by ESWC to get the best followed team in the world at their event, hats off Monsieur. We won’t unfortunately see the new OpTic Gaming line up in action however, instead of new boy Karma we will see FaZe player Enable, a former Halo pro joining fellow ex-pats Crimsix and Formal. There has been no official reason given why Karma cannot attend, however his wife alluded that the Canadian was currently going through visa application to become a US resident and leaving the country could seriously effect that. Their group stage match against Denial should be amazing to watch.



fr Krnage fr Melo fr Gotaga fr Carbon

This team received an invite to ESWC via the Twitter poll similar to how OpTic were chosen, except it was for French teams only. Surprise of all surprises Gotaga was in the winning team, again another clever tactic by the men at ESWC to ensure the “French Monster” would be in attendance. This team will no doubt be disappointed by the two American teams in their group and with less than impressive performances at both Gamers Assembley and the Anicend Amsterdam event, they could be in for a rocky time  (to put it mildly). Regardless the internet is likely to break as fan favourites Gotaga and OpTic go up against each other so at least that’s some consolation for the ESWC organisers when they lose one of their star man (along with most of the fans in the audience).


Barrage eSports

uk Bance uk Urban uk LXT uk Dominate

The lowest seeded team in this group and probably the hardest to predict on paper how they will actually do as they’ll have no pressure or expectations for them to do well, something we’ve seen in the past really work for a team, especially in a group stage. The team made up of talented British players, spearheaded by former Gears of War pro Dominate, their place in the tournament came through an online EGL tournament marred with controversy with accusations of DDOS’ing thrown towards them. Regardless of whether that is true or not, the team all have event experience and their game against Millenium could be an interesting battle for third.

Group B Teams


Team Revenge

us Remy us Aqua us Nagafen us Faccento

The new kids on the US block, Team Revenge are a very young and talented line up who looked like they had a bright future until they announced (click here) that they would be splitting up after ESWC and the Gfinity Spring Masters. They secured their place at ESWC after a monumental performance at the CoD World Champs where they placed second behind Denial, knocking out top teams like FaZe Red in the process. Their line up is unlikely to change before the event and we literally cannot wait to see what will happen if they play Denial or OpTic, a very real possibility if they get out of this group of European teams. The only concern you might have is will this very young team cope under the pressure of playing in a very foreign country when they know they will be splitting up after?


Epsilon eSports

uk Madcat uk Josh uk Swanny uk (Likely Peatie or Watson)

The best team in Europe would be a pretty comfortable statement at the moment for this Epsilon line up, even if they haven’t announced their fourth yet. Despite winning the Gfinity Open (how they received the ESWC invite) and the Anicend event in Amsterdam on back to back weekends, this team will still want to right the wrongs that happened at CoD Champs when they failed to get out of the groups. They’ve lost Tommey to the Vitality brand to start his own team (see below) so they will be going into the event with what could only be described as a pickup. They have avoided having two American teams in their group but they still have to play the unpredictable French of FaZe France on home soil and new rivals Vitality Storm.

vitality storm

Vitality Storm

uk Tommey uk MarkyB uk Reedy ie McGee

The Vitality Storm team is one of Europe’s newest and most promising line ups. Featuring two of the Infused squad (MarkyB and Reedy) that won the ESWC place at the EGO event in Brussels last month, they’ve joined forces with European veterans Tommey and McGee. Although McGee has not been playing at a high level recently, he’s no stranger to it with more years experience than quite a number of the players playing at this event. They will also be pleased to only have 1 American team in their group and will fancy their chances of getting out against Epsilon and FaZe France.

faze france 2

FaZe France

fr ZylewR fr Vortex fr Zeroo fr Malls

The latest lineup to be announced for this tournament, they had to win the Meltdown ESWC Playoff event to get here, beating the favourites of that tournament HyperGames Team in the process. That will be a boost for a team who’ve stuck together since the last ESWC and had been playing consistently well at all French events they’ve attended recently. That doesn’t however mean they’re expected to do much in this extremely stacked tournament. Of course there is that chance that they could upset a team or two in the group stage but apart from the home advantage this team won’t have much pressure to perform here, they’re very much the underdogs and will know that.

Dexerto will be in attendance at ESWC to cover all the action, follow us on Twitter @Dexerto for regular Call of Duty eSport updates!


Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

Team Revenge Set To Split

They defy the odds and come second at the Call of Duty World Championships last month and they’re currently booked in for 2 European events for both ESWC and the Gfinity Spring Masters, yet Team Revenge have announced they will be splitting. Quite a shock to the system and proof that it doesn’t matter how successful you are, people will always want to move onto something different.

Captain of the team Remy, who announced the split

Captain of the team Remy, who announced the split

In a heartfelt Tweetlonger, the captain of the team Remy (see champs interview HERE) posted an explanation that you can see below where he talks about how it taught him anything is possible but that essential league placements mean more to others in the team. After the team had done so well to stay together during Roster Mania it’s a real blow to see this young team split so early. We’ll keep you informed of where they go but we’ll see them at ESWC and Gfinity in the next couple of weeks.

Twitlonger from @Remyy_TR;

“I’m available for UMG Cali and onward. Revenge has basically split up, but being on this team showed me that anything is possible. Never thought I would take gaming to this level and is literally amazing what us four accomplished as a team on Revenge. Hope every player on Revenge finds their team and this wasn’t for nothing.

The faces behind Revenge @Pittsburgh_tR and @JWHAT_tR, I have became best friends with. I have been with them for 6 months and they are by far the best organization owner and manager I have been with. Would love to be apart of a team with them again any day. And a big thanks to @DIGITALxASSAULT for helping Revenge and us players achieve what we have done.

Thanks for reading, and we going to go all out in Europe for you guys and gals these next 2 weekends with the old Revenge team. <3″

Team Revenge for ESWC and Gfinity;


us Remy, us Nagafen, us Faccento us Aquaa

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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.


This weekend the Call of Duty community again enjoyed a number of online tournaments, as well as UGC Niagara in Canada. Some of the biggest names in the competitive console scene turned out to compete in tournaments organised by UMG and MLG. Take a look below to find the final placements and prizes for the Saturday night 2K and Sunday night 5K single elimination tournaments.


UMG 2K Tournament Results

On Saturday, 63 teams turned out to compete for just over $1,500 in prize pot a long with 2000 Pro Points for players to improve their seeding when it comes to further online and offline tournaments. This week OpTic Gaming fell short, losing out to Rise Nation in the Grand Final. Prophecy and World Champions Denial took home join 3rd place. Check out the final placements below and find the bracket HERE.

UMG 2k Final Placements

  • 1st –  Rise Nation – $760
  • 2nd –  OpTic Gaming – $380
  • 3rd/4th –  Prophecy – $190
  • 3rd/4th –  Denial – $190
  • 5th/8th –  Nasty Meats
  • 5th/8th –  sB + Nade
  • 5th/8th –  TCM Gaming
  • 5th/8th –  OpTic Nation


NA 5K Tournament Results

In this week’s 5K 47 teams turned out to compete for a share of $3,900 in prize money, as well as another 5,000 Pro Points. Once again OpTic Gaming emerged as champions, recovering from their defeat in the 2K the day before. Once again Isolation eSports met the Green Wall in the final and took home $825 for their troubles. Prophecy and OpTic Nation fell just outside the prize placements. Check out the final placements below and find the bracket HERE.

NA 5k Final Placements

  • 1st –  OpTic Gaming – $3,025
  • 2nd –  Isolation eSports – $825
  • 3rd/4th –  Prophecy 
  • 3rd/4th –  OpTic Nation
  • 5th/8th –  SYNRGY
  • 5th/8th –  FaZe Gaming
  • 5th/8th –  Enigma 6
  • 5th/8th –  Strictly Business


EU 5K Tournament Results

This week’s EU 5K only attracted 8 teams, with Epsilon emerging as Champions and taking home the $290 prize, pipping Aware Gaming to the title. The new look Vitality and former Se7 line up shared 3rd place honours. Bracket can be found HERE.

EU 5K Final Placements

  • 1st –  Epsilon – $290
  • 2nd –  Aware
  • 3rd/4th –  Vitality
  • 3rd/4th –  ex-Se7
  • 5th/8th – de fabE
  • 5th/8th –  RRNK
  • 5th/8th –  Infused
  • 5th/8th –  Safe



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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

Gears of War Remastered Confirmed

When Dexerto launched we brought you confirmation that a Gears of War collection wasn’t in the works. Well, as it turns out, there is a remake of the original Gears of War coming soon. confirmed that the rumours were true after a number of individuals gained access to a test build of the original Gears of War on Xbox One. It was later confirmed that while a collection is not in the works, fans should expect a remastered version of the original Gears of War in the not so distant future.

The test build was of the multiplayer only and including a number of game types not originally featured on the Xbox 360 version of the game including Team Deathmatch; King of the Hill; 1 Life 1V1 Shotgun TDM; 1v1 Sudden Death Gnashers Only; 4v4 TDM Single Round; and 4v4 KOTH Single Round.

The news will be welcomed with open arms by fans of competitive Gears of War, with the prospect of a more polished version of the superior original potentially offering the best eSports ready GoW experience to date. A release date has yet to be announced.

With the ongoing support of Call of Duty by the game’s developers and publishers, and the helping hand given to the Halo community by 343, it’s going to be interesting to see if Gears of War developers, Black Tusk, also work to foster a better eSports community. At the very least the remastered Gears of War could offer an interesting stopgap before the release of Gears of War 4. More to come.


Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

UGC Niagara 2015 Final Placements

It’s been a long weekend for those teams who have played well at UGC Niagara in the wonderful Canadian city with the huge waterfall. 64 North American teams turned up to battle it out for an impressive prizepot of $20,000, not bad considering the lack of professional teams. We’ll be posting up Good LAN/Bad LAN tomorrow but until then check out the final placements below along with the prize pool distribution.


UGC Niagara 2015 Final Placements

1st: Team Kaliber (Sharp – Goonjar – Parasite – Nameless) – $10,000
2nd: Team EnVyUS (TeePee – ProoFy – Loony – MerK) – $4,000
3rd: 3sUP Enterprises (Diabolic – Sender – Lawless – Ivy) – $3,000
4th: Boreal eSports (BerTT – Knight – Slayzay – Surprize) – $2,000
5th: Below Zero (GodLike – Assauhlt – Wolf – Swarley) – $1,000
6th: Team Cave Gaming (Silpy – Pemby – Nverted – Happy)
7th/8th: Set to Destroy (Royalty – iLLsKiLL – Stevey – Myth)
7th/8th: Purist Gaming (Connah – Demented – Holler – Miz)

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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

European Roster Update

Things move so fast in this hectic Call of Duty scene that it’s hard to keep up with all the changes that teams make on a weekly basis. Sometimes we’re guilty of not bringing you regular updates because we’re not sure if the changes will last (see LXT Epsilon/Barrage post below) so we wanted to make amends. Check out all of the European changes that have happened in the last week or so below!


LXT Back To Barrage for ESWC

Brandon 'LXT' McAllister

Brandon ‘LXT’ McAllister

When it was announced that Epsilon would be picking up Brandon ‘LXT’ McAllister for ESWC, it came as quite a shock, mostly to the Barrage eSports team who are also attending ESWC as they had expected him to be attending with them. A good player but known more for his off-game antics, he isn’t what you’d expect from quite a serious Epsilon line up. It didn’t come as much of a surprise then when it was leaked earlier today that he would actually be playing for Barrage at ESWC. When asked he said that he felt bad that he may be screwing over the team. What this means for Watson (his replacement) is any guess however we’re sure this isn’t the end of this story. Epsilons 4th remains a mystery for now but with the event creeping up soon, it’s only a matter of time.

logo_barrageesportsBarrage eSports –  Bance  Urban  LXT  Dominate

EpsilonEpsilon eSports –  Swanny  Josh  Madcat  ?


Vitality Announce McGee

Darren McGee

Darren McGee

Full news post found HERE

Vitality Storm –  Tommey  MarkyB  Reedy  McGee


eQuinox Swap Rolo for Subsist

Brett 'Rolo' Douglas

Brett ‘Rolo’ Douglas

The Belgian outfit of eQuinox have been going strong the last few months, especially after winning the Gamers Assembly event against a stacked set of top French teams. Despite being made up of predominately Belgian players, the team for sometime have had Irish misfit Brett ‘Rolo’ Douglas playing for them. Unfortunately for Brett however he was replaced last week after the team had a run of tournaments where they failed to really deliver. His replacement is Dutch player Laurens ‘Subsist’  Schuurman.

File:EQ.png eQuinox eSports –  Denz  Dean  Duel  Subsist


Infused Replace Rated for JTee


Jack ‘Jtee’ Taylor

After a relatively impressive performance by Aware Gaming at the Call of Duty World Championships and subsequently at the Gfinity open, it was a shame to see captain of the team Watson decide to leave. He left in search for a team who he felt could reach his potential (he’s still a f/a), resulting in the remaining line up ending up going there separate ways. One player who’s landed on his feet is Jack ‘Jtee’ Taylor who’s recently replaced former Exertus player Rated in the lineup.

Infused –  Qwiker  Melon  Lewis  Jtee


FABE Announce New Roster


Silvano ‘Torres’ Mombarg

The FAB eSports organisation had two teams at the Call of Duty World Championships from both Germany and the Netherlands, however it didn’t help either as they crashed out of the groups with very little opposition against the strong American opponents. The organisation decided then that it would be better if they only funded one team and played around with a number of line ups before settling on the this Dutch/German/Austrian line up. Will we see an improvement with the experience of the likes of Rush and Torres?

 FAB eSports –  Gunelite  Kivi  Rush  Torres


IGI Announce New Team

AJ 'Amaze' McClure at AM2Pro

AJ ‘Amaze’ McClure at AM2Pro

If you’ve followed the European scene in the last 5 years then you’ve probably heard of AJ ‘aMaZe’ McClure, a very vocal player but someone who’s struggled to really break consistently into the top of the EU scene. That doesn’t stop his passion however and if you’re at a UK or European event, you’re likely to see him, a true ambassador of the Call of Duty competitive scene. His latest team is another multi-nation team as we see him and 2 other Brits join together with well known German player Nick ‘KraQz’ Brenden.

IGesports IGI eSports –  Amaze  Agon  Chain  Kraqz


NxG Rapid Replace Pow3r with Donny

Giorgio 'Power' Calandrelli

Giorgio ‘Power’ Calandrelli

The Italian Call of Duty scene is one that has never really taken off with a struggle to get new players into the competitive scene. There has been the odd tournament where one of their teams have placed well, such as when UK player Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan guided the team to 8th in the CoD World Championships in 2013 on Black Ops II. One of the legends of the Italian scene is Georgio ‘Power’ Calandrelli, however that hasn’t stopped NxG Rapid dropping him in place of other well known Italian Francesco ‘Donny’ Majolo, citing reasons that Power wasn’t motivated enough to play, a statement he denies.

NxG.pngNxG Rapid –  Pibo  Duke  Ko1gaa  Donny




We’ll keep you up to date with any further news going forward. If you feel you could add value to the content team please get in touch by messaging me above.

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Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

Black Ops III Reveal



Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

UGC Niagara LIVE Report – Sunday



Audio Interview with Swanny

A 30 minute indepth interview with one of Europe’s most well known Call of Duty players, Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

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