Provisional Ruleset Released by David Vonderhaar

The lack of ruleset released by Treyarch/Activision has concerned a number of influential people in the community. With the CoD World League qualifiers coming up in a matter of weeks in Sydney, Cologne and Los Angeles, the lack of rules has meant teams have been unsure what to practice. Today on Reddit, Treyarch’s main man, David Vonderhaar, has released a provisional set of rules. Click HERE to view that discussion or see below for the full list. Let us know what you think of the rules by Tweeting us @Dexerto.

david vonderhaar

The standard stock image of David Vonderhaar we always use.

This is not approved or final. I’m sharing some of it, because it’s something I could get behind. It’s missing CTF settings for some reason. I am trying to track that down. I’m not positive I understand where we ended the Uplink/CTF debate. But posting the Maps/Modes combination, which I know everyone wants to see, doesn’t make any sense if we are adding CTF and it’s not included in the rotation.

The qualifiers and the actual season are NOT required to have the same rules, but precedence usually kicks in as a strong influencer.


  • UAV
  • Care Package
  • H.A.T.R

Game Settings

  • Ban/Protect Voting = Enabled
  • Ban/Protect Time = 30 Seconds
  • Create a Class Edit Time = 60 Seconds
  • Scorestreak Edit Time = 20 Seconds
  • Votes Per Player = 1 Vote
  • Specialist Draft = Enabled
  • Draft Time = 20 Seconds
  • Advanced Settings
  • Pre-Stage = 5 Seconds
  • In-Between = 3 Seconds
  • Post-Stage = 3 Seconds
  • Edit Create a Class = Always
  • Edit Scorestreaks = Always
  • Player Select Order = Random
  • Post-Stage Shuffle = None

Global Settings

  • Team Assignment = Host Select
  • Team Change In-Game = Disabled
  • CODcasting = Enabled
  • 3rd Person Spectating = Disabled
  • Dynamic Map Elements = Enabled
  • Revenge Voice = Disabled
  • Battle Chatter = Disabled
  • Announcer = Enabled

General Settings – All Game Modes:

  • Pre-Match Timer = 15 Seconds
  • Pre-Round Timer = 5 Seconds (3 Seconds for Search & Destroy)
  • Mini-map = Normal
  • Explosive Delay = Disabled
  • Killcam = Enabled
  • Scorestreak Delay = 15 Seconds
  • Score Multiplier = 1

Spawn Settings

  • Hardpoint Respawn Delay = Disabled
  • Uplink Respawn Delay = 5 Seconds
  • Search and Destroy Respawn Delay = Disabled
  • Incremental Spawn Delay = Disabled
  • Force Respawn = Enabled
  • Wave Spawn Delay = Disabled
  • Suicide Penalty = Disabled
  • Team Killed Penalty = Disabled

Health and Damage Settings – All Game Modes:

  • Health = 100%
  • Health Regeneration = Normal
  • Friendly Fire = Enabled
  • Teamkill Kick Limit = Disabled
  • Headshots Only = Disabled
  • Hit Indicator = Enabled

Hardpoint Settings:

  • Win Condition Settings
  • Time Limit = 5 Minutes
  • Score Limit = 250 Points
  • Hardpoint Advanced Settings
  • Lifetime = 1 Minute
  • Capture Time = Disabled
  • Activation Delay Time = Disabled
  • Locations = Linear Order
  • Scoring = Constant
  • Pause Time = Enabled

Search & Destroy:

  • Time Limit = 1.5 Minutes
  • Round Win Limit = 6 Rounds
  • Search & Destroy Advanced Settings
  • Bomb Timer = 45 Seconds
  • Plant Time = 5 Seconds
  • Defuse Time = 7.5 Seconds
  • Multi Bomb = Disabled
  • Switch Sides = Every Round
  • Silent Plant = Enabled
  • Dog Tags = Disabled
  • Number of Lives Per Player = 1 Life

Uplink Settings:

  • Round Time Limit = 5 Minute
  • Round Score Limit = Unlimited
  • Uplink Advanced Settings
  • Round Limit = 2 Rounds
  • Carrier Armor = Normal
  • Carry Score = 2 Points
  • Throw Score = 1 Point
  • Enemy Carrier = Delayed
  • Reset Time = 15 Seconds


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Former Vitality Storm Squad Find A New Home

It’ll come as a big disappointment to those who wanted an OpTic Gaming EU team, but the former Vitality Storm team consisting of Tommey, Madcat, Jurd and Swanny have found a new home away from the Green Wall. The team will be joining another French organisation, this time it’ll be powerhouse Millenium. In a statement on Facebook (LINK), captain of the team Tommey talked about how fans had speculated about their move but is happy it has been sorted prior to the CoD World League.

swanny optic

Swanny competing under OpTic at UMG Orlando on AW.

With former OpTic Nation player, Swanny, in the squad, when the team were forced to leave Vitality because of the 1 team per organisation per region rule, many speculated that OpTic EU was only a matter of days away. Indeed both Swanny and OpTic owner H3cz said they wanted to make something happen, but it looks to have not been possible this time around. Millenium of course are no strangers to the competitive CoD scene, with their last team winning the Gfinity Pro League Season 2 and competing at the MLG World Finals in New Orleans.

milleniumMillenium CoD: uk Swanny uk Madcat uk Tommey ie Jurd

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Killerfish eSports Announce Dutch-Italian Black Ops 3 Team

Energy drink company KillerFish have supported eSports for a number years, with their first move into the international CoD scene when a German team showed up to a Reflex event back in the Modern Warfare 2 days. Today they have announced their latest squad that features a mixture of well known Dutch players T1, Torres and BattleKing join Italy’s greatest CoD export and recent Team EU player at the eSports showmatch, Pow3r.

killerfish logo

With Pow3r and Torres both being invited to submit teams for the CoD World League qualifier, they were expected to get a spot in the top 8 team invitational in Cologne next month, as they represent both the Italian and Dutch hopes, but the team just fell short and will need to qualify online in one of the 4 remaining spots if they do want to make the Pro Division.

We spoke to Battleking about getting the team together –

“I am very happy to team up with these guys, as I have been playing with Torres for quite some time in almost every CoD game. POW3R is the AR we missed and T1 is the leader we have missed all those years. With KILLERFISH eSport, one of the biggest and most professional organisation in Germany, backing us up, our goal is to qualify for the Call of Duty World League to show that not only the UK provides top players and teams. Joining KILLERFISH eSport gives us the opportunity to start this Call of Duty the best way possible. Shoutouts and thanks to our sponsors KILLERFISH Hot Energy, Lioncast, SCUF Gaming, RXG, ASTRO Gaming, CKRAS and Esportclothing!”

killerfish logoKillerfish eSports: nl T1 nl Torres nl Battleking italy Pow3r

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Denial Sells CoD Team – CLG Announcement Expected

We wrote about a rumour recently that North American organisation, Counter Logic Gaming, would be picking up a CoD team in the near future after rumblings across Twitter and Reddit. The strongest gossip was focused around the Denial eSports lineup consisting of Methodz, Felony, Blfire and CMPLX. They only joined the Wolfpack a few weeks ago but are already packing their bags after the Denial Twitter posted out that they have sold the line up.

Although there is no announcement from CLG yet, it is expected that the line up will be announced in the next couple of days providing they have bought them. The team are one of the 16 invited to the CoD World League qualifiers in Los Angeles at the start of next month, but with only 8 places available in the Pro Division, it could end up being an expensive mistake if the team don’t qualify at the event and then subsequently fail to qualify for one of the remaining 4 spots online. We’ll keep you updated on their final destination.


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EU CoD World League Qualifier Spectator Tickets Online

Are you interested in spectating the CoD World League Pro Division qualifiers in Cologne next weekend? Activision have released tickets on Eventbrite website for those wishing to attend the tournament on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December. There will be 8 European teams competing (LINK to teams) for 4 spots in the much talked about Pro Division of Activision’s Black Ops 3 backed league.

You’ll need to be 18+ in order to attend and you’ll ned to make your way to Cologne, Germany, but the tickets are free! Click HERE or click the CoD World League image below.

cod world

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OpTic Release Vision 3 Doc – Hints At Mboze Team Situation

When OpTic Gaming brought videographer Hitch into the house, there’s been a noticeable improvement with the amount of content uploaded to the OpTic Nation channel. Taking a more documentary style approach of filming the house like a reality show, the new Vision series gives people an insight into the thoughts of the players living and breathing the OpTic brand.

Episode 3 has been dropped and it’s one of the most revealing yet, as well as talking about the Halo team, OpTic manager H3cz is heard talking about setting up a new company and name in order to fund MBoze’s CoD team consisting of the long serving OpTic member with Merk, Study and Killa. There is no mention of what they would be called but we’ll keep you up to date when that’s announced. Check out the video below.


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FYI – AM2Pro Peterborough Coming Up This Weekend

If you’re not up to date with the European Call of Duty scene, you’re probably unaware that this weekend coming up there will be an open Black Ops 3 tournament at AM2Pro Peterborough. It’ll be the first chance that Europeans have had to play in a LAN tournament and take the title of first Black Ops III champions. There is currently around 20 teams expected to be in attendance, but there will be a number of missing teams including Orbit UK, Epsilon and the quad of Reedy, Dom, Bance and Josh. Dexerto will be in attendance at the weekend to bring you all of the action from the event and across the week we’ll be releasing a number of different preview features. Let us know who you think will take the title by tweeting @Dexerto.


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Dedo Talks Local LANs

This weekend professional Call of Duty player for Enigma6 Gold, Dedo, turned up and won a local LAN event run by a company eBash. In a topic that is rarely discussed, in Dedo’s latest video he talks about the harsh comments he received via Twitter with people saying a Pro shouldn’t turn up to local events because it’s for Amateurs. In the video below he talks about why that’s not a valid point and talks about his past as someone who would turn up to these events and how it helped to play top players when they showed up. Check out the video below and let us know if you think Pro’s should attend Local Events or not by Tweeting us @Dexerto.


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XGN EU Leave Organisation Over Funding

The American organisation XGN Competitive recently announced a new lineup in Europe, but within a matter of days it’s already gone sour with the two parties going their separate ways. Many will remember the XGN name for housing names such as Killa and Phizzurp towards the end of AW, notably when the team competed at the MLG World Finals in New Orleans, taking one of the top 12 seeded spots. So what went wrong with the European squad?

XGN Gaming

According to the team’s former manager, Dfuse, they were promised full funding to events and salaries should the team qualify for upcoming ESL events. However with the squad not invited to the first qualifier in Cologne next month, it seems things have taken a turn for the worst and they have parted ways. The team of Necrome, Revoltz, Harley and Sowerz have found Team EcHo Gamers to fund them for the upcoming AM2Pro event that is taking place this weekend in Peterborough, the first big European event for Black Ops 3.

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CoD World League Qualifying Teams Announced

The CoD World League has a lot of hype around it at the moment and a lot of expectation from the fans who see it as do or die for the competitive scene. On Friday night it was announced which teams had been invited to the CoD World League qualifiers after over 175 players across 3 North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand were asked to submit teams. Those not invited below are still able to qualify through a number of online tournaments.

cod world

In total 16 teams from North America were invited to the event in Los Angeles, 8 from Europe who will play out in Cologne and 8 from Australia/New Zealand who will compete in Sydney. At each event taking place on the 4th/5th/6th of December, half of the teams will secure a spot in their region’s Pro Division which will start in January. Who are the teams? They’re mostly expected with a few exceptions and a few surprise line up announcements. Take a look below.

North America

8 Teams Qualify

Los Angeles, USA

og logoOpTic Gaming: us Scump us Crimsix us Formal ca Karma

fazeredSmallFaZe Clan – us Clayster us Attach us Enable us Zooma

col compLexity Gaming: us Parasite us Nameless us Mirx us Ricky

nvSmall Team EnVyUs: us Aches us Teep us Jkap us Slasher

luminosityLuminosity Gaming: us Proofy us Spacely us John us Replays

Rise Nation 200x200Rise Nation: us Loony us Octane us Classic us Slacked

e62Enigma6 Gold: us Censor us Saints us Apathy us Dedo

300px-Denial Denial eSports: us Felony us Methodz us Blfire us CMPLX

elevate_200x200 Team eLevate: us Nagafen us Faccento us Remy us Aqua

tKSmallTeam Kaliber: us Sharp us Theory us Nelso ca Goonjar

orbitminiTeam Orbit: us Accuracy us Lawless us Pacman us Whea7s

ApothApotheon Esports: us Phizzurp us Fears us Legal us Lacefield

3Sup Small3Sup Enterprises: us Califa us Miyagi us Baker us Strife

dreamteamDream Team: us Sender us Diabolic us Happy us Chino

 cod world Name TBC: us Merk us Mboze us Killa us Study

cod world Name TBC: us Tipsy us Burnsoff us Anticity us ColeChan


4 Teams Qualify

Cologne, Germany

epsilonminiEpsilon eSports: uk Rated uk Watson uk Moose uk Joee

InfusedjoshTeam Infused: uk MarkyB uk Urban uk Peatie uk Zer0

orbitminiTeam Orbit: uk Shane uk SunnyB uk Vortex uk Desire

vitalityTeam Vitality: fr Broken fr Rskn fr Gotaga fr Wailers

fabeFAB Games: Ch Quicky Austria Kivi de Barca de Kivi

giantsGiants Gaming: es Tojor es Pelukaa bulgaria Eupho es Jaayz

cod world Name TBC: uk Swanny uk Madcat uk Tommey ie Jurd

cod world Name TBC: uk Dominate uk Reedy uk Josh uk Bance

Australia/New Zealand

4 Teams Qualify

Sydney, Australia

mindfreakMindfreak: aus Denz aus Buzzo aus Fighta aus Shockz

Tainted MindsTainted Minds: aus Damage aus Chilean aus Fate nz Eminence

nV 1 Plantronics Nv: aus Vilesyder aus Claw aus Fergz aus Macka

citadel gamingCitadel Gaming: aus Hoju aus Bundo aus Carry aus Dizmull

cod world Original: aus Hopey aus Dean aus Vqnishh aus Rival

immunityTeam Immunity: nz Killerpienz Guydra nz Bacabec nz Zeuss

cod world Sway Gaming: aus Juust Sway aus Renzy aus ToastyJaffa aus Twisted

cod world Avidity: aus Azzi aus Yelzar aus Pixell aus Swiftazor

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