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Live Blog: UMG Washington DC

AM2Pro Niagara Announced

The British tournament organisers AM2Pro have announced their latest event, in Canada. Their last event at Blackpool’s notorious Norbreck Castle was a success with over 70 teams in attendance, the largest turnout for a European event for a number of years. This time it’s their North American division who have released news for their Niagara $10k event in last November.


It’ll be taking place at the Sheraton at Niagara Falls but even though the event will take place after Black Ops 3 has been released, AM2Pro have announced this event will be on AW. We reached out to AM2Pro for comment and received the Twitter replies below. If the event ends up changing to the latest game then we’ll keep you updated. See full news announcement by clicking HERE.

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Dreamhack London Announced – $20,000 Tournament

As it’s already the 3rd of September, reading that Dreamhack have made an announcement for a London event on September 19th-20th has come as a bit of a surprise. In a complete shock move to everyone in the European Call of Duty scene, they’ve also gone all out with a $20,000 prize pool. In the last year the Dreamhack brand has been growing and one area they identified of interest was the CoD scene, recently flying American team EnVyUs over to play in an invitational in Sweden and hosting multiple Nordic region tournaments.

dreamhack London

The event will be held at the Copper Box Arena in Hackney, London and will be open to 32 teams to compete with tickets costing £40 per person or £10 to spectate with an 18+ age limit applied. There is no indication if there will be pre-invited teams or whether it will be done on a first come first serve basis. The tournament format will see the teams battle it out in an open bracket on the Saturday before 8 teams advance to the finals on Sunday to fight for the $20,000 prize pool. Click HERE to for more information and tickets.

In the official Dreamhack press release, Head of eSports, Christian Lord said,

“We’re looking to elevate the production value that we introduced when we hosted the DreamHack Call of Duty Advance Warfare Swedish and Nordic Championship earlier this year. Now in a sports arena we have the perfect setup for competitive Call of Duty”



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ACL Melbourne Groups Announced

This weekend it’s not just UMG Washington DC that is taking place as we see ACL continue their event series in Melbourne. The ANZ Call of Duty community has taken a real hit in the last few weeks as a host of top players and teams, including the unbeatable Mindfreak, have announced they will be waiting for Black Ops 3 to be released before playing competitively again. The region’s lack of desire towards the game has resulted in only 10 teams turning up for the ACL Melbourne event taking place this weekend.
ACL Melb 1


The event won’t be a complete failure with other games such as CSGO expecting to get big numbers, but it’s still disappointing to see what AW has done to the competitive spirit down under. The show must go on though and today the groups for the event have been released. There will be two groups of 5 who’ll compete before going into a double elimination bracket. You’ll be able to watch live at

ACL Melb

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UMG Announce DC Groups and Schedule

This weekend is the UMG Washington DC event with $50,000 of prize money on the line. We’ve just touched down in DC but as we were midair we’ve had the groups announced for this weekend’s tournaments. There will be no noticeable pro teams missing this weekend as we see the best North American teams battle it out for the title of champions. Check out the schedule along with the 4 groups below.


UMG Schedule

UMG Washington DC Groups

Group A group b group C group D

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MLG Pro League S3 Standings – ESR Update

The MLG Pro League has not gone as expected in its third season after the success of season 1 and 2. With online issues including booting and time constraints causing problem, no one has really any idea of what is going on and who is placed where. With this third and final season finishing with a playoff with all 12 teams in Columbus, Ohio, later this month, MLG show the eSports Report (or ESR) have released the current standings.

The screenshots from the show below show eLevate in first, OpTic in second and FaZe in third whilst at the bottom we have Orbit, Denial and Rise Nation. With no relegation or prize money given out based on the standings, we will only be bringing you a report at the end of the season after this news post. Check out the current standings below.

Credit to Twitter @CoDeSportspedia for the screenshots.

esr 1 ESR 2


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4 New Teams Qualify for the ACL Pro League Season 2

It’s all gone a bit wrong down in Australia and New Zealand at the moment with teams and players either retiring or announcing they will only be playing Black Ops 3. It comes as no surprise then that we see 4 new teams qualifying for the ACL Pro League Season 2 after last Friday’s qualifier, with all 4 of the relegated teams not showing up due to splitting.


The four teams who’ve ended up qualifying are Team 4Nothing, Citadel Gaming, BitterSweet GG and True Ambition. The new season kicks off on September 10th and will run through to October 10th before an online playoffs on October 11th. For more information click HERE to visit the ACL Pro website.

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Gfinity Season 2 – Final Placements + Weekend Results

After a weekend at the Gfinity Arena, Season 2 of the Gfinity EU Pro League has drawn to a close. The 8 elite European teams have only been playing online for just under 4 weeks in this action packed season that’s seen everything from upsets, whitewashes (poor IGI) to players being banned for Tweeting homophobic comments.

In the end the Anglo-French squad of Millenium walked away with the title of champions whilst Season 1 champions Vitality came in second. There was plenty of upsets this weekend too with VwS walking away with third whilst the Spanish of Spirit Gaming coming in fourth. Infused and Epsilon will be scratching their heads how they didn’t place in the money whilst we say goodbye to the French of HyperGames Team and IGI eSports, if we do end up seeing a Season 3.

Check out the final results from the weekend along with the final placements below. Let us know what you think of Season 2 by Tweeting us @Dexerto.

Saturday Results

Home Team vs Away Team
IGI IGI eSports 3-3 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
Infused1-300x300 Team Infused 2-4  VwS Gaming
Vitality logo Vitality.Storm 0-6 Logo millenium Millenium.COD
HyperGames HyperGames Team 2-4 epsilon Epsilon.EU
Infused1-300x300 Team Infused  2-4 Logo millenium Millenium.COD
Vitality logo Vitality.Storm  5-1 epsilon Epsilon.EU

Sunday Results

Home Team vs Away Team
HyperGames HyperGames Team 2-4 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
IGI IGI eSports 1-5  VwS Gaming
 epsilon Epsilon.EU 2-4 300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming
Infused1-300x300 Team Infused 2-4 Vitality logo Vitality.Storm
HyperGames HyperGames Team  1-5  VwS Gaming
IGI IGI eSports  0-6 Logo millenium Millenium.COD

Final League Placements

Position Equipe Wins Draws Defeats Maps (+) Maps (-) +/- Points
1st  Logo millenium Millenium.COD 6 1 0 35 7 28 19
2nd Vitality logo Vitality.Storm 5 0 2 26 16 10 15
3rd  VwS Gaming 5 0 2 25 17 8 15
4th 300px-SpiritlogoSpirit Gaming 3 2 2 21 21 0 11
5th Infused1-300x300 Team Infused 3 1 3 23 19 4 10
6th epsilon Epsilon EU 2 1 4 20 22 -2 7
7th (R) HyperGames HyperGames 1 0 6 14 28 -14 3
8th (R) IGI IGI eSports 0 1 6 4 38 -34 1


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Insomnia 55 Final Placements

As we approach the final stages of the Insmonia 55 Call of Duty tournament, we’re rounded up the current final placements.


1. Barrage eSports (£2,000)
2. XGN (£1,000)
3. Eye4eye eSports (£650)
4. Rift Gaming (£350)
5th/6th. Hostile UK
5th/6th. Evazion COD
7th/8th. Voooms Army
7th/8th. Aerox eSports
9th-12th. Bulldog eSports
9th-12th. Nerve Gaming
9th-12th. Vague eSports
9th-12th. 1 Ping Warriors
13th-16th. Enraged Black
13th-16th. Aeolus White
13th-16th. Banter
13th-16th. XGN White
17th-24th. Azure eSports
17th-24th. Riot Gaming
17th-24th. Odin eSports
17th-24th. Strive Gaming
17th-24th. Steel Black
17th-24th. Steel Blue
17th-24th. Perplex Nation
17th-24th. Vivify EU
25th-32nd. Strive Nation
25th-32nd. uFrag
25th-32nd. Valiant Empire
25th-32nd. Team ProVision
25th-32nd. Excise.Youth
25th-32nd. Bulldog Nation
25th-32nd. Asian Conspiracy
25th-32nd. Quantum.COD
33rd-37th. Excise eSports
33rd-37th. NoMercy eSports
33rd-37th. Omni eSports Owners
33rd-37th. UWantSum
33rd-37th. Eruption

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