10K MLG Online Tournament Results – NA + EU

This weekend the Call of Duty community was treated to a number of online tournaments, most notably Major League Gaming’s online tournaments for Europe and North America, featuring some of the biggest names in the competitive console scene. Take a look below to find the final placements and prizes for the Sunday night 10K single elimination tournaments.


NA 10K Tournament Results

The North American tournament was by far the biggest of the two this weekend with 155 turning out, putting up a $10,000 prize pot a long with even more Pro Points for players to improve their seeding when it comes to further online and offline tournaments. The fan favourites of OpTic Gaming managed to secure a 1st place finish, seeing off the likes of TCM Gaming, Team eLevate and finally the newly formed Isolation eSports in the grand final to secure the top prize. Check out the final placements below and find the bracket HERE.

NA 10k Final Placements

  • 1st –  OpTic Gaming – $3270
  • 2nd –  Isolation eSports - $1860
  • 3rd/4th –  TCM Gaming - $930
  • 3rd/4th –  FaZe - $930
  • 5th/8th –  Team eLevate - $465
  • 5th/8th –  Strictly Business - $465
  • 5th/8th –  Team EnVyUs - $465
  • 5th/8th –  OpTic Nation - $465


EU 10K Tournament Results

With only 25 teams turning out for this event we saw teams from across Europe competing including teams from the UK, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Due to the reduced team numbers there was only one monetary prize on offer for the winners who would receive $975. That team ended up being Se7 who beat Epsilon in the grand final, redemption for their loss to them at the Anicend Amsterdam event only a week weeks ago. Check out the final placements below, please note that we’ve amended team names to show what the actual line up consisted of, due to some teams failing to name their teams correctly. Bracket can be found HERE.

EU 10K Final Placements

  • 1st –  Se7 – $975
  • 2nd –  Epsilon
  • 3rd/4th –  Orbit A
  • 3rd/4th –  Orbit B
  • 5th/8th –  eQuinox Delivare
  • 5th/8th –  Millenium
  • 5th/8th –  Infused
  • 5th/8th –  Safe



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Evil Geniuses Win Iron Gaming

Season 2 of HCS kicked off with Iron Gaming Atlanta. $25,000 was up for grabs as North America’s finest Halo teams lined up for a cut of the prize money.

Evil Geniuses emerged victorious after an incredible tournament. Back-to-back victories against Denial completed EG’s road to the title. Denial forced a second series in the Grand Final, winning the first series 3-2. EG raised their game in the second series, winning 3-1 and taking home the championship. CLG finished in 3rd, while Winterfox, previously known as Randa, placed 4th.

Here are the final placements of the event.

1st.  Evil Geniuses (Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, Lxthul)
2nd.  Denial (Heinz, Chig, Mikwen, APG)
3rd.  Cloud9 (Hysteria, FearItself, Victory X, IGotUrPistola)
4th.  Winterfox (Randa, Contra, Naded, Ryanoob)
5th.  Counter Logic Gaming (Royal 2, Snakebite, OGRE2, Cloud)
6th.  OpTic Gaming (Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Maniac)
7th.  Nobel Black (Arkanum, Ninja, Aries, Prototype)
8th.  Velocity (Cratos, Lifestyle, Nemassist, Suspector)




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FaZe France Qualify for ESWC – Meltdown Final Placements

This weekend four of France’s finest teams faced off for a spot at the up coming ESWC World Finals.

In the end it was FaZe France and Hyper Games who emerged as frontrunners before FaZe France edged their opponents to take home first place. FaZe France, formerly known as Ascentia, also earned a spot at the ESWC World Finals where they’ll take on the likes of Denial, OpTic Gaming and Epsilon.

Final Placements

1st.  FaZe France (Vortex, Zeroo, Zylewr, Malls, Vortex)
2nd.  Hyper Games (Maxxie, Riskin, Tonyjaa, Veziok)
3rd.  Pulse Gaming (KammyZ, Zyde, KKobra, PasTeek)
4th.  Infamous (Zeek, Telo, Zayrox, WizR)



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Iron Gaming Championship Sunday Preview

Championship Sunday is here. Today will see the conclusion of the Iron Gaming event in Atlanta. With EG, CLG, Cloud9, Denial and more all in contention, Dexerto takes a look at what’s to come.

Winner Bracket Final: Denial v Evil Geniuses

Pre-tournament favourites EG did not disappoint en route to a Winner Bracket Final fixture. Their day two match up against CLG saw their resolve tested and after seeing their opponents come from 2-0 behind to tie things up, showed their character to see out the contest and earn their place in the final.

Denial has so far been relatively untested, sweeping each of their opponents either 2-0 or 3-0 on their way to a Winner Bracket Final. OpTic Gaming was the latest team to feel the wrath of Denial and now find themselves with a Loser Bracket slog on the final day of the Iron Gaming tournament.


Winterfox v Counter Logic Gaming

CLG came excruciatingly close to piping EG to the Winner Bracket Final and would no doubt like another crack at them later down the line. They’ll first have to go past Winterfox who are picking up momentum in the Loser Bracket. If results go their way, Winterfox could get a second shot at OpTic Gaming following their 3-1 defeat yesterday in the Winner Bracket. An interesting match up ahead.


OpTic Gaming v Cloud9 Gaming 

IGotUrPisola’s return to Halo has dominated the headlines lately and will be expected to return to form if he’s to help his team into the Final 4 of the competition. Cloud9 suffered defeat at the hands of CLG, despite leading 2-0 at one stage of the contest. Back-to-back 2-0 wins has seen Cloud9 break into the top 6 but defeat against OpTic Gaming would still represent a disappointing weekend. OpTic Gaming was enjoying a relatively comfortable tournament before losing to Denial. Cloud9 will prove to be a tough test for the 8th seeded line up who have already guaranteed themselves top 6. Anyone beyond this point would be a bonus.

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Picture courtesy of Iron Gaming

Iron Gaming Day Two Wrap Up

We’re approaching the business end of the Iron Gaming tournament in Atlanta, GA this weekend. Here’s a run down of the biggest talking points on day two of the tournament.

Cloud9 edged by CLG

The first big match up of the day was always destined to be a thriller. The score like certainly doesn’t tell the full story in this clash of the titans, as it was Cloud9 who were the fastest out of the blocks, taking a 2-0 lead. A more comfortable Oddball game on Warlord got CLG on the board and a tight TS game was enough to level the tie. The game was finally settled on Warlord TS, as CLG emerged 50-44 winners to advance into the next round of the Winner Bracket.


EG get the better of CLG

Having cut their teeth against Cloud9, CLG were immediately thrust into another fierce contest against Evil Geniuses. For the second successive series, CLG found themselves 2-0 down after losing CTF and Team Slayer. CLG battled back winning King of the Hill and Bomb to tie the series at 2-2. This time out CLG couldn’t complete the comeback, though, and it was EG that saw out the series to earn a place in the Winner Bracket final, as well as a guaranteed place on the podium.


Denial on Form

With arguably the three tournament favourites on the same side of the bracket, the road was open for another team to seize the initiative in the upper half of the tournament. After a disappointing HCS tournament, Heinz has relocated to Denial and his new team have been having a fine event thus far. After a flawless day one, Heinz and team dispatched eXcellence with relative ease before completing the rout of OpTic to earn a place in the Winner Bracket Final.


Nobel Black Out

Nobel Black found themselves with their backs against the wall after a surprise day one defeat against Velocity. After recovering against Annex Black on day one, Nobel Black kicked things off on Saturday with wins against Element 6 and eXcellence. In their final game of the day, and subsequently the tournament, Winterfox put Nobel Black to the sword with a 3-0 sweep. Nobel Black finished 7th/8th place.


eLevate eliminated

The fourth seed coming into this weekend slumped to a fairly modest 9th-12th place finish after defeats against eXcellence and Velocity. Following their day one defeat, eLevate never quite recovered and, having beaten Nobel Black, Velocity claimed another scalp beating eLevate 3-0.


Day Two Final Placements

7th/8th: Velocity

7th/8th: Nobel Black

9th-12th: eXcellence

9th-12th: Reality Check

9th-12th: Annex

9th-12th: eLevate

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Picture courtesy of Iron Gaming


Welcome to our daily update of the MLG Pro League results/standings/fixtures for Season 2 of this $75,000 online tournament. Yesterday was the final set of fixtures of the week, so check out the results, standings and upcoming fixtures below.

16th April Results

  • us Team EnVyUs 3-2 uk TCM Gaming
  • us FaZe 3-1 us Team JusTus
  • us Team eLevate 3-0 us Rise Nation
  • us Denial eSports 3-0 us OpTic Nation
  • us EnVyUS 3-2 us Denial
  • us Team JusTus 3-0 us OpTic Nation
  • us FaZe 3-0 us Rise Nation
  • us Team eLevate 3-1 uk TCM Gaming



Position Team Record
1st   OpTic Gaming 21W-3L
2nd   Team eLevate 15W-7L
3rd   Denial eSports 14W-8L
4th   FaZe 14W-8L
5th   Team EnVyUs 15W-9L
6th   Team Kaliber 9W-13L
7th   Team JusTus 9W-15L
8th   Prophecy 8W-14L
9th   Automatic Reload 8W-14L
10th   Rise Nation 8W-14L
11th  uk TCM Gaming 8W-16L
12th   OpTic Nation 7W-15L


Monday 20th Fixtures

  •  Denial eSports vs  Automatic Reload
  •  Team Kaliber vs  OpTic Nation
  •  FaZe vs  Team EnVyUs
  •  Prophecy vs  Rise Nation
  •  Team Kaliber vs  Automatic Reload
  •  Denial eSports vs  OpTic Nation
  •  Team EnVyUs vs  Prophecy
  •  FaZe vs  Rise Nation



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Iron Gaming Day One Stories

The first day of Iron Gaming has come to a close. There’s already been fireworks with some exciting series and surprise results. Here’s a run down of some of today’s biggest stories.

Business as Usual for EG, CLG and C9

There was very little drama involving Dexerto’s top 3 predicted teams. All three teams eased past their opponents with back-to-back 2-0 wins. CLG made very short work of both their day one opponents, winning their TS games by an aggregate score of 100-50. EG, meanwhile, kept a clean sheet in their only KotH game, winning 200-0.


OpTic, Winterfox, and Denial also with a good first day

Many of the other tournament favourites also made short work of their day one opposition. OpTic kept their second and third round opponents under 20 points in both their Team Slayer games. Denial and Winterfox similarly cruised past their opponents, with both teams winning their respective games 2-0.


eLevate’s tough day one

A fiercely close Warlord CTF game in the tie between eLevate and eXcellence was finally settled after over 20 minutes of play, including Overtime. Tied at 1-1 at the end of regulation, eventually eXcellence managed to see the map out to take a 1-0 lead. eLevate never recovered and a more cut and dry TS game on Shrine, finishing 50-39, saw eXcellence win the series 2-0. eLevate ended the day with success in the Loser Bracket following a 3-0 win against True Ambition.


Nobel Black Upset

After taking a 1-0 lead in their series against Velocity, Nobel Black lost back to back maps to lose the series 2-1. The unforgiving nature of Best of 3 meant the 7th seed would have to mount an early Loser Bracket run after a 160-156 defeat on KotH Warlord sealed Nobel Black’s fate. Nobel Black recovered to beat Annex Black in their final game of the day.


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Picture courtesy of Iron Gaming

Iron Gaming Atlanta Live Broadcast

This weekend the second season of the Halo Championship Series kicks off in Atlanta, GA, USA. Teams including Evil Geniuses, Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud9 and more are in attendance. $25,000 is up for grab and you can catch all the action live on the broadcast.

Watch live video from Halo on www.twitch.tv

Meltdown (ESWC Qualifier) Predictions

This weekend we will see four French teams battle it out at MeltDown LAN in Paris. The prize? The eighth and final spot at the Electronic Sport World Cup, taking place in 2 weeks in Zenith, Paris. The all French lineups have this chance after doing well at smaller events across France in the last couple of months.

The winner will get to face the likes of US teams Denial, OpTic and Revenge, UK line ups Epsilon, Vitality Storm and Barrage, and of course fellow Frenchmen Millenium. Our French section of Dexerto have compiled a prediction thread for this 4 team qualifier, check out the translated version below. Let us know who your prediction is by Tweeting @Dexerto.

#1 – HyperGames

fr Maxxie fr TonyJaa fr Riskin fr Veziok



After being together since the start of the season and hosting veterans including poster boy Maxxie, this team have quite a number of events under their belts including a recent 4th place finish at the Gfinity Open. They’re one of the few French teams to copy the US and UK play style, attempting to shrug off the image that their nation is filled with gung-ho pistol wielding mavericks. Don’t let that trick you into thinking bad habits don’t die hard, going up against unpredictable teams such as Infamous could find chinks in this new armour. They are still the favourites however and will be expected to be in Zenith in 2 weeks time for ESWC.


#2 FaZe France

fr Zylewr fr Vortex fr Zeroo fr Malls


Despite the new name, this team are actually the same lineup that came third in last November’s ESWC event on Ghosts, finishing behind the British of TCM Gaming and the winners, the Americans of Evil Geniuses. The team will be looking to phase (pun intended) the favourites HyperGames with a combination of chemistry and the veteran abilities of Zylwer, a French legend and player who can guide this team to victory. We still expect HyperGames to take the title but as with any event, anything can happen.


#3 – Infamous

fr Wizr fr Body fr Zayrox fr Zeek


They received qualification to this tournament in their first event when they took third at the Gamers Assembly. The team comprised of elite level French players are unlikely to trouble the likes of FaZe or HyperGames in this tournament, purely down to lack of playing time together, but after they surprised many people at GA, if they’ve practiced enough we could see an upset on the cards. Will they join Millenium at ESWC on the world stage? It’s unlikely this time around.

#4 – Pulse Gaming

fr Kkobra fr PasTeek fr Zyde fr KammyZ


 The least well known team in this small tournament, Pulse will be the biggest underdogs in this tournament. Not too much is known about this line up that is attempting to take down some of France’s biggest names. Although we’ve seen underdogs make an impact in the past, we can’t see them winning the place at ESWC when they have the likes of the above to compete with. Anything can happen of course but we imagine this team will be soaking up the experience rather than expecting to be in Zenith in May.



That’s all for our predictions of the Meltdown Tournament this weekend. We’ll bring you a tournament recap when the event is over however if you’re interested in knowing in play scores, follow our French Twitter at @DexertoFR.


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Welcome to our daily update of the MLG Pro League results/standings/fixtures for Season 2 of this $75,000 online tournament. It’s nearly the weekend but that doesn’t matter in this league, matches are to be played and results are to be published, so check out the results, standings and upcoming fixtures below.

16th April Results

  • us OpTic Gaming 3-2 us Rise Nation
  • us FaZe 3-0 uk TCM Gaming
  • us Automatic Reload 3-2 us Denial eSports
  • us Team JusTus 3-2 us Team Kaliber
  • us Rise Nation 3-1 us Team Kaliber
  • us Team JusTus 3-0 uk TCM Gaming
  • us OpTic Gaming 3-1 us Denial eSports



Position Team Record
1st   OpTic Gaming 21W-3L
2nd   Team eLevate 13W-7L
3rd   Denial eSports 13W-7L
4th   FaZe 12W-8L
5th   Team EnVyUs 13W-9L
6th   Team Kaliber 9W-13L
7th   Rise Nation 8W-12L
8th   Team JusTus 8W-14L
9th   Prophecy 8W-14L
10th  uk TCM Gaming 8W-14L
11th   Automatic Reload 8W-14L
12th   OpTic Nation 7W-13L


Fixtures – Friday 17th April

  •  Denial eSports vs  Automatic Reload
  •  Team Kaliber vs  OpTic Nation
  •  FaZe vs  Team EnVyUs
  •  Prophecy vs  Rise Nation
  •  Team Kaliber vs  Automatic Reload
  •  Denial eSports vs  OpTic Nation
  •  Team EnVyUs vs  Prophecy
  •  FaZe vs  Rise Nation


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