UMG 2K Placements, MLG 5K and Pro League Rescheduled

Major League Gaming, or MLG as they are most commonly known, have been hosting online tournaments for both professional and amateurs for many many years. In a quick update from last week, they were forced to cancel the 5K on Sunday due to Xbox Live issues whilst also rescheduling a number of games last week from the Pro League due to the MLG studios being host booted offline. We’ll bring you updates on the Pro League once it starts up again which should be this evening.


UMG 2K – Saturday 25th July

#1 Dream Team (Ivy, Sender, Anticity, Diabolic)
#2 FaZe (Zooma, Attach, Clayster, Enable)
#3/4 Epsilon (Swanny, Remy, Nagafen, Royalty)
#3/4 3Sup (Califa, Legal, Lacefield, Miyagi)
#5/8 XGN
#5/8 eLevate
#5/8 Sakugang
#5/8 TCM Gaming

Full bracket – LINK

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France – SFCO4 Final Placements and Bracket

This weekend in France, popular LAN organiser SFCO hosted their fourth Advanced Warfare event at their venue in Paris. In total, 26 teams showed up to compete for the accolade of latest French champions. Check out the final placements, brackets and info below. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures from the event because for absolutely no reason at all, SFCO don’t allow pictures of videos to be taken.


Final Placements
1st  evz EvaZion eSport (fr Wailers – fr Gump – fr Dowkyy – fr Chucky)
2nd HyperGames-300x300 HyperGames Team (fr mAxxie – fr Melo – fr TonyJaaa – fr Veziok)
3rd image1429034700 Wrecking Gaming (fr KKobraa – fr Kassoa – fr Ato – fr Zyde)
4th reward Reward eSports (fr MysTK – fr Hulk – fr Starz – fr MisAa)
5/6 Supremacy Supremacy (fr ZylewR – fr Zero – fr Malls – fr Vortex)
5/6  convert ConverT.Shenza (fr Nxtshay – fr Gxbi – fr Flexx – fr Neyaz)
7/8 amnesia Amnesia.Unleash (fr TeDzY – fr GraMs – fr Skread – fr Clousy)
7/8 a7 Anxi7y (fr Daddy – fr Eazy – fr Jayz – fr Kirby)
9/12  convert ConverT.Supra (fr Vaco – fr MKaos – fr FaZxK – fr Hayzer)
9/12 AW Squad.S3
9/12 AW Team_FZA
9/12 AW WySix.StayStrong
13/16 clapse Clapse.Trinity
13/16  AW Evenings eSport
13/16 AW Roster.Exodus
13/16 AW Sensoria eSport
17/26 AW Onwards.Over
17/26 AW Team Eleven
17/26  AW Stayking
17/26 AW R7 Gaming
17/26  AW UKB_Squads
17/26  AW Barclays.Mix
17/26 AW Onwards.Reks
17/26  AW Exilion
17/26 AW Surnity.TeamFA
17/26 AW CARGAnation


Pro Bracket

Open Bracket

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HCS Season 2 Final Placements

Evil Geniuses have been crowned champions for the second time, beating CLG in the Grand Final over two series. Here’s the full rosters, prize money and placements of all eight teams competing this weekend.


1. 294px-EG Evil Geniuses: Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, Lethul – $75,000
2. CLGNA_Logo Counter Logic Gaming: Snakebite, OGRE2, Royal2, Cloud – $30,000
3. 300px-Denial Denial: Mikwen, Chig, APG, Heinz – $15,000
4. 294px-C9 Cloud9: Hysteria, FearItSelf, iGotUrPistola, Victory X – $12,000
T6. Optic NationMiniOpTic Gaming: Maniac, Flamesword, Ace, Assault – $6,000
T6. 300px-Winterfox_Logo_Update Winterfox: Ryanoob, Naded, Arkanum, Randa – $6,000
T8. Liquidlogobig Team Liquid: Ninja, Aries, Shooter, Spartan – $3,000
T8. EXcellence eXcellence: Coby, eL Town, Frosty, UnLegit – $3,000

Picture courtesy of Team Beyond

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5 Things We Learned from HCS Day 3

It’s over. Evil Geniuses have walked away as winners from the second season of the Halo Championship Series. But before we wrap up our content, we take a look back at five talking points from the final day of the competition.


Evil Geniuses Retain Title

The result will be a surprise to almost nobody but the all-conquering Evil Geniuses have once again conquered. EG successfully went back to back, scooping their second HCS title. After an incredible season where they’ve rarely let up, EG got their just deserts with victory over CLG in the Grand Final.


OGRE2 still got it

There’s little you can say about OGRE2 at this point that hasn’t already been said. Part of the first ever National Championship team, Tom Ryan once again played a part in this weekend’s Grand Final and while he may not have taken home gold this time out, he certainly proved that he’s still among the best in the game.


Denial Miss Out

Unlike Evil Geniuses, Denial were unable to make their consistency count when it came to the biggest stage. Although 3rd place still represents a stellar final placement, no doubt the Wolf Pack will have been disappointed not to earn a place in the Grand Final having occupied 2nd seed for almost the entire HCS season.


Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming Rivalry

In some respects you have to feel sorry for the Cloud9 squad. CLG singlehandedly showed the 5th seeded veteran line up the door, with victories over their opponents in both the Winner and Loser Bracket. You can’t help but wonder what could have been if they’d maybe had a different tournament bracket.


Accurate Dexerto Predictions

I figured I’d take this time to toot my own trumpet slightly. Having previously done countless prediction pieces, never have I got so close to the final outcome than this weekend. In fact, had I held my nerve and put CLG in 2nd over Denial, I’d successfully have nailed all 8 placements. Sadly though, I’ve had to settle for 6/8. Not bad.

Picture courtesy of Team Beyond

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Doesplay 10K Final Placements, Info and Pictures

We take a look at the Doesplay 10K Call of Duty eSports tournament final placements, pictures and brackets from this weekend’s events.

This weekend the Doesplay 10K took place in the Gold Coast of Australia as the best Call of Duty teams in Australia and New Zealand battled it out for the $10,000 (asd) on offer. Who came out on top? Who choked? Who had the best jersey? Find out below as we give you the final placements, brackets and the best pictures taken by DoesPlay.


Final Placements

#1 – PLT.MFlogo std.pngMindfreak Plantronics (Buzzo, Fighta, Shockz, Denz) – $5,500
#2 –   ESGRlogo std.png  Eat Sleep Game Repeat (Wolfy, Skrzm, Jahzn, Blue) – $2,500
#3 –INlogo std.pngIntegral Nation (Louqa, Fate, Zuess, Swifty) – $1,200
#4 –SKFlogo std.pngTeam Skyfire (Excite, Lakie, Rival, Hopey) – $800
#5/6 – Uproar iGnitionZ
#5/6 – Avante Garde
#7/8 – Incept eSports
‘#7/8 – Citadel eSports

Final Bracket


Pro Pool –

Alpha Pool –

Bravo Pool –

Best Event Pictures

 Full DoesPlay Gallery – LINK

All images courtesy of the page!



Full DoesPlay Gallery – LINK

All images courtesy of the page!



Full DoesPlay Gallery – LINK

All images courtesy of the page!





Full DoesPlay Gallery – LINK

All images courtesy of the page!



Full DoesPlay Gallery – LINK

All images courtesy of the page!


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5 Things We Learned from HCS Day 2

With Day Two firmly in the books, we take a look back at five major talking points.


Evil Geniuses too Good

The tournament favourites once again romped to a Winner Bracket Finals appearances with victory CLG in their second game of the tournament. A 3-1 victory over their 4th seeded opponents was enough to guarantee Evil Geniuses a second consecutive appearance on the HCS Finals podium.


Winterfox still room to improve

Winterfox have had a solid HCS Season but ultimately fell short in the Finals, scooping a slightly disappointing top 6 finish after defeat against Cloud9. Winterfox now need to begin preparation for the next outing, aiming to take their LAN performances to a similar level as their online form.


OpTic also looking for more

Like Winterfox, OpTic Gaming equally need to find a new gear if they’re to challenge the established elite. The GreenWall narrowly earned a place in the top 6 and will be hoping to look forward in the next HCS season, rather than back at the chasing pack.


Same old faces

Despite being an entirely new era of Halo, many of the former established pros have found themselves in the latter stages of the second HCS season. OGRE2, Snipedown, Roy, Cloud, Lunchbox, Heinz, iGotUrPistola, FearItSelf and numerous other past stars of MLG will all compete on the final day of this season’s competition.


Slow Tournament

To maximise the content HCS is running over three days, enabling the people at home to get the most out of the tournament. Unfortunately that has met a very drawn out competition is taking place. Denial and Evil Geniuses have placed only two games over the past 48 hours and may only play 2 more in the next 24.


Picture courtesy of Team Beyond

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5 Things We Learned from HCS Finals Day One

With day one of the HCS Season 2 Finals in the books, we take the look at five major talking points from the day’s events.


Favourites On Course

Not surprisingly, the top four seeded teams all emerged intact after the first Winner Bracket round of the HCS Finals. The result was enough to wrap their participation for day one and secure a place in the Winner Bracket on day two. Only Denial managed a flawless victory over Team Liquid, while EG and Winterfox both dropped a map against their competition. Nothing to worry about though.


CLG over C9

Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 have been neck and neck all season and yesterday’s victory for CLG, while potentially having minimal impact in the grand scheme of things, could signifies the current gulf between the two titan lineups. C9 will now face off against the loser of Winterfox and Denial in their next game, while CLG will hope to cause an upset as they take on Evil Geniuses.


eX and Liquid Out

The 7th and 8th seeded teams were dispatched on day one, after losing both their opening games. eX managed a solitary map en route to elimination while Liquid made OpTic Gaming sweat in the first round of the Loser Bracket, taking an initial 2-1 lead before eventually losing the series 3-2.


OpTic Reality

OpTic Gaming have banked their seed thus far but were made to work hard for what they’ve got. They’ll now face the loser of EG and CLG for a guaranteed top 4 finish. The HCS Finals never let up and OpTic have got a tough 2nd day of competition ahead of them.


Winterfox v Denial Fixture Set

Winterfox and Denial have grappled throughout season 2 and will once again go toe to toe for a place in the Winner Bracket Final and a guaranteed place on the podium. The game has incredibly high stakes, with the loser essentially being thrown to the wolves as they‘re left to navigate a fiercely competitive lower bracket, starting first with Cloud9.


Photo courtesy of AstroGaming


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HCS Season 2 Finals Preview

After a long Halo Championship Series season, the eight finest North American Halo teams head to Burbank California to battle it out for $150,000 in prize money.


With so much on the line, we take a look at each of the hopefuls and how we expect them to perform this weekend.


294px-EG Evil Geniuses: CAUS Roy, Lunchbox, Lethul, Snipedown

Seed: 1st
Predicted Finish: 1st

EG have established themselves as the team to beat this season. Equally efficient online and on LAN, Evil Geniuses picked up the Indy and Atlanta titles en route to securing top seed. It’s impossible to look past EG to retain the HCS title this weekend.


300px-Denial Denial: CAUS Chig, APG, Heinz, Mikwen

Seed: 2nd
Predicted Finish: 2nd

Denial has equally proven their consistency coming into the HCS Finals. 2nd and 3rd place finishes at events have been underlined by regular podium placements in weekly online tournaments. Denial will likely find themselves under threat from the likes of Winterfox and CLG for the right to face EG.


300px-Winterfox_Logo_Update Winterfox: CAUS Randa, Arkaden, Naded, Ryanoob

Seed: 3rd
Predicted Finish: 5th

Winterfox have had a solid season all round. If they have had one weakness, it’s been their finishing at events. Their results at Indy and Atlanta saw them fall below their 3rd place seed and this weekend they’ll face a similar challenge en route to a podium place. A fiercely tough run likely awaits Winterfox this weekend. Anything above 5th place will be hard earned.


CLGNA_Logo Counter Logic Gaming: CAUS Snakebite, Cloud, OGRE2, Royal2

Seed: 4th
Predicted Finish: 3rd

CLG boost their seeding prospects slightly with a stellar performance in Indianapolis a few weeks back. Despite coming in with 4th seed, Counter Logic will hope for a repeat and to once again be challenging for the title. You can never write off OGRE2 and after a relatively long drought without a championship, Halo’s most successful star will be hungry.


294px-C9 Cloud9: CAUS Victory X, FearItelf, Hysteria, iGotUrPistola

Seed: 5th
Predicted Finish: 4th

A star laden line up wedged in the middle of the pack for almost the entirety of the HCS Season. Even the addition of the returning Pistola, who was side lined with an injury, hasn’t galvanized the team enough to challenge the true contenders. If C9 want to leave a mark on the season they’ll have to recapture the kind of form that saw them snag 3rd back in Atlanta.


Optic NationMiniOpTic Gaming: CAUS Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Manic

Seed: 6th
Predicted Finish: 6th

OpTic Gaming has turned in some solid performances this season and are firmly established as the best of the rest. Their biggest achievement was away from the game, where team captain Flamesword earned a deal with energy drink giants, Red Bull, to feature his face and team branding on the side of thousands of cans nationwide. In game, OG has lacked that X factor required to mix it up with the front-runners. 6th place still marks a successful second season for the GreenWall.


Liquidlogobig Team Liquid: CAUS Ninja, Aries, Shooter, Spartan

Seed: 7th
Predicted Finish: 7th/8th

Liquid have found their pace and will likely once again occupy 7th place this weekend, a repeat of their finish at Indianapolis only weeks ago. If they are to go one better they’ll have to overcome either Denial or (more than likely) OpTic Gaming. Probably a step too far for Ninja and company this weekend.


EXcellence eXecellence: CAUS Coby, eL Town, Frosty, UnLegit

Seed: 8th
Predicted Finish: 7th/8th

eXcellence briefly lived up to their name with a rare victory in the PGL 10K, taking down Evil Geniuses on their way to the title. Back to reality though and eXcellence will need to find another gear if they’re to occupy any position but last. If anything their inclusion is could represent something of a coup, with eX failing to break into the top 8 placements at both Indy and Atlanta. Whatever happens, eX are guaranteed to take home their highest LAN placement of the season by default.

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Gfinity Summer Championship Teams – Updated *23rd July*

When the Gfinity Pro League was announced during the Gfinity Spring Masters I, it meant changes to the way the big invitational tournaments would be run. The first thing to do was restructure the remaining tournaments and instead of having 3 more events across the spring and summer, there would instead be a large tournament renamed Summer Championship with a $100,000 prizepool.

summer championship

The $100,00 prize pool was announced alongside some details, including that it would be made up of 16 teams from Europe and North America. In order to keep you up to date with who has been invited, we’ve created a handy guide below with the details of the teams invited and the spaces available.

Final Teams Announced *23rd July*

We’re just one week away from the Spring Championships and today Gfinity have announced the European contingent set to compete alongside some of the world’s finest teams.

igi IGI eSports: uk Sowerz, Liiim, Vapez, Camboo
300px-Spiritlogo Spirit Gaming: es Eupho, Flexz, Pelukaa, Sammy
2 Gamers2: es Lgend, Methodz, TojoR, Inven

More US Teams Added to the Roster *20th July*

As the Gfinity Summer Championship inches ever closer, four more teams have been added to the roster of participating teams. Not surprisingly, TCM Gaming, a team with deep roots in British Call of Duty, have been added into the mix. Joining them is Gfinity regulars, EnVyUS and Rise Nation

nvSmall EnVyUS: us Loony, Aqua, Octane, JKap
Tcm TCM Gaming: ukus Aches, Teepee, Jurd, Moose
Rise Nation 200x200 Rise Nation: us Chino, Whea7s, Apathy, Burnsoff 

4 European Teams Qualify via Pro League *16th July*

The European Pro League by Gfinity has been going on for the last 6 weeks and with only 1 game left in the league, we already have our 4 qualified teams that will be playing at the Gfinity Summer Championships. Due to the other teams not being close enough to qualify, unless there is a roster issue that stops a team attending, we will be seeing the 3 British teams alongside a group of Frenchmen.

Vitality logoVitality Storm: uk Tommey, Josh, Watson, Peatie
epsilon Epsilon eSports: uk Rated, Joe, MarkyB, Reedy
Infused Team Infused: uk Qwiker, Melon, LXT, Urban
HyperGames HyperGames Team: fr Maxxie, TonyJaa, Riskin, Veziok

Remaining Spaces Available

  • eumini 2 European Invitations
  • CAUS 3 North American Invitations


Team Kaliber Join The Party *15th July*

It’s been announced on the Team Kaliber Twitter that the North American side will be competing at the tournament at the end of the month. The line up that placed 9th-12th at UMG Dallas will be looking for retribution after getting a tough set of games last weekend. The likely TK line up:

tKSmall Team Kaliber: us Sharp, Nameless, Theory, Neslo


Teams Currently Attending as of 14th July

It has been announced by Gfinity that the 4 North American teams below have been invited, based off the back of Pro Points accumulated by the 1st of July. It is not yet confirmed what the line ups will be as a number of players in the 4 teams below, most notably Saints from eLevate, have had issues travelling to foreign events in the past. We’ve put the “expected” line ups below.

og OpTic Gaming: CAUS Scump, Karma, Crimsix, Formal
fazeredSmall FaZe Clan: us Clayster, Enable, Zooma, Attach
 OpTic Nation: us Boze, Mochila, Ricky, Mirx
elevate_200x200 eLevate: us Slasher, Replays, Classic, Slacked

Online EU Qualifier

liquid gaming Liquid Gaming: it Pibo, Kolga, Donny, Duke

Prize Money

1st place – $ 50,000
2nd Place – $ 25,000
3rd Place – $ 10,000
4th Place – $ 5,000
5th – 8th place – $ 2,500

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Gfinity Pro League Final Standings

The Gfinity Pro League has wrapped, with Vitality Storm emerging as Champions. Vitality narrowly pipped rivals Epsilon to first place by map difference, winning by a slender two map margin. At the other end of the table, Millenium and Gamers2 finished the season with identical scores, tying for 6th place. To decide which team will be relegated, the two teams will face off in a Best of 1 Search & Destroy contest, date TBC.




Here’s the results from the final week of competition.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Time (EN) Home Team vs Away Team
20:00 Vitality logo  Vitality.Storm  5-1 Infused Team Infused
20:00 epsilon Epsilon  6-0 Over Gaming Over Gaming
20:00 Logo millenium Millenium.COD  2-4  VwS Gaming
20:00 HyperGames HyperGames Team  5-1 Gamers2 Gamers2


League Table

Position Team Wins Losses Draws Maps For Maps Against +/- Points
1st Vitality logo Vitality.Storm 6 0 1 34 8 +26 18
2nd epsilon Epsilon 6 0 1 33 9 +24 18
3rd  HyperGamesHyperGames 4 2 1 23 19 +4 14
4th Infused Team Infused 3 0 3 24 18 +6 12
5th   VwS Gaming 2 1 4 17 25 -8 7
6th Logo millenium Millenium.COD 1 2 4 14 28 -14 5
6th Gamers2 Gamers2 1 2 4 14 28 -14 5
8th Over Gaming Over Gaming 0 1 6 9 33 -24 1

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